South East Is APC, Umahi Declares Full APC Membership

Governor Of Ebonyi State Reaffirms his New APC membership Status Vows The South East Is Fully APC.

The current Governor Of Ebonyi state Engr David Nweze Umahi has reaffirmed his new APC Membership status in his hometown. The ongoing Nationwide Party registrations have hugged the headlines of recent and this is one of the top stories from the exercise. Governor Umahi who was a full PDP member all his political career turned heads.

The governor currently reaffirmed his APC membership at his at his Onu-ofukuru polling unit in Umunaga, Uburu.

” Let me first thank Mr. President and all the National party leaders especially the Chairman and his team for giving us this great opportunity to do a digital re-validation and Registration of APC members in Nigeria. Like I said at the National Secretariat, it is a good omen that the South East is the one that is crying for shortage of materials and it tells you something, it tells you that we have since moved on.

“Anybody can deceive himself, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the will of the people, I am not surprised, with the efforts of the remnants of the PDP in the State, I am not surprised at their bitterness and betrayal of the people I picked from nowhere and they make themselves available to publish the State negatively, I am not perturbed and like always, we forgive them”

“He, however, warned opposition elements to desist from constituting Security threats through making provocative statements and circulating fake videos of events that never took place in the state for their selfish political gains.

“The idea of posting fake videos depicting our people trying to chase one particular group or the other out of Ebonyi State are all false and aimed at setting the State into crises, they must know that it is not the state they are setting into crises rather themselves because when you post this fake news chasing a particular group out of Ebonyi State whereas such is never in existence there could be a retaliation without knowing that these are all fake news, am appealing to them to desist from that, they can say anything about me, I am not perturbed, the more they say negative things about me, the more I punish them with many more projects”

Governor Umahi stressed the need to ignore fake news peddlers and mischievous elements spreading fake information on the internet.

“There is no amount of stories, no amount of negative stories, no amount of falsehood will make me to be distracted at all, South East has moved on, South East is APC”

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