Lets End Preaching Prosperity Without Hard work – Peter Obi

Ex Governor Of Anambra state Peter Obi warns against the danger of preaching prosperity without the ethos of hard work.

Former Governor Of Anambra State Peter Obi has scolded Christian leaders to stop the vicious trend of prosperity preaching without Hard work. Peter Obi blamed such preaching for the rotten society without values we have today.

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He made this statement at the All saints cathedral Anambra State, at the opening ceremony of the Standing Committee meeting of Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

He said

“We have gradually turned to a religious economy, rather than productive economy. Go to different churches today, you hear things like ‘receive your car keys’ You then see people who should be more concerned about contributing to a more productive economy falling for such distractions.

“Let the Church rise up and spread the true gospel of hard work, diligence and honesty.”

Mr Peter Obi Topped off the speech by donating N10m to the church. He shared tips with the church on how to raise their N5bn Target for Charity mission across impoverished regions.

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