I Dare You To Recover My Private University, Okorocha Fires Back At Uzodinma

IMO state childish political tussle continues with no end in sight.

The political heat between the former Governor Of IMO state Rochas Okorocha and his successor Hope Uzodinma took an interesting dimension recently.

The current governor made moves to revoke the Eastern Palm University set up by Rochas Okorocha during his tenure. The Current administration made moves to acquire the university for the IMO state government.
The Previous governor of the state has reacted to this audacious move through his media adviser Sam Onwuemeodo.

Okorocha urged the general public to disregard the claim by the state government that it had recovered the university because it had no reason to take over the university from him.

“The Eastern Palm University was a creation of the law. It has a law establishing it. It is a legal entity. So, it is not a kiosk or market store one could wake up one day, to claim or announce to have recovered.

“The Eastern Palm University was established by the Imo State of Nigeria, Law No. 3 of 2019. And part II, No.3 (3) Stated that “the University shall be owned on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) basis, by the Imo State Government and the Incorporated Trustees of Rochas Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the Parties”.
“And the Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding between the Concerned Parties are domiciled in the relevant bodies or Institutions. And the law also provided that any of the Parties, “may decide to opt-out of the Agreement upon giving the prescribed notice and meeting the conditions for opting out as contained in the Agreement”

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