Goodluck Jonathan Quickly Dismisses Apc Switch Rumour

Former President of the state dismisses strong rumor Of APC Party switch making rounds.

Former President of Nigeria Good luck Jonathan has dismissed rumors that he is planning to join the APC party as a presidential candidate come 2023. A fresh rumor of APC bigwigs planning to make Good luck Jonathan the APC Presidential candidate resurfaced again. The rumor-making rounds claimed that the Bayelsa statesman is to be fielded with the current governor of Kaduna state Governor Elrufai.

Good-luck Jonathan while speaking during a thanksgiving service of Bayelsa State Governor Senator Douye Diri, at the State Ecumenical Centre in Yenagoa, the state capital, Jonathan said he is still a PDP member.

The Ex president stated below

”PDP has been a very friendly party. I am a member of PDP and I know from the beginning till today that PDP is a friendly party; PDP is a party that carries everybody along. And we should extend that.

“At Bayelsa level  let us start it so that at the end of the political process and at the end contestation, we can work together for the interest of our people,”

The Ex-President also stressed the dangerous turn Nigerian politics is recently taken. Ex-president Good luck Jonathan stressed the need for a peaceful atmosphere and calm political terrain in Nigeria.

”Those of us in politics, we should learn to play politics as politics is not a war. And at the end of any political process, let us all come together and support whoever, by divine intervention, God has made victorious.

“If you look at leadership globally, you will notice that there are three ways of taking over leadership. One of them is a monarchy where the king is the leader of the Government. In such a case, the crown Prince is known in advance. At the time of succession, you know the next King and you are usually waiting for the King to die.

“In Nigeria, what we know and have witnessed at the national level is government through a military coup. And in a military coup, those with weapons or guns stage a coup. The assumption is that they want to kill others to assume power.

“And of course if they fail the incumbent will kill all those who plotted the coup. And at the end of the day, in a military coup, if you succeed or not, both parties (incumbent and coup plotters) become lifetime enemies and stay as enemies till death.

“A military takeover is not known to law. It is not recognized by the constitution. But the democratic process is recognized by law and known to the constitution. And it is the best approach. We, the modern politicians, should not play politics as if we are participating in a coup d’état.

“And at the end of the political process, we expect that both losers and winners come together. We should learn to carry everyone along. And the losers should know that they do not ferment trouble.

“The greatest cause of our present security issues is the contestation for power as if they are participating in a coup d’état. The idea should be that our country must change and politicians must not participate in the political process as if it is a civil war,

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