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Randy UNN Lecturer Arrested For Impregnating And Threatening A Student

Archeology lecturer Doctor Chigozie Odum Arrested for threatening a student he got knocked up. 

A senior lecturer of the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka Dr. Chigozie Odum was arrested by the Enugu state crack squad yesterday. The student Onah Chinyere involved her parents after receiving threats from the UNN lecturer.

A petition written by the lawyer hired by her family was instrumental in the arrest of the lecturer. It reads below.

It is our client’s instruction that she has been a student in the Archeology and Tourism Department, Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

“According to her instructions, Dr. Odum Chigozie Jude is one of the lecturers in the said department.

“Our brief further showed that the said Dr. Odum Jude went and approached our client and demanded to be sleeping with her and threatened our client that if she refuses, she will never graduate from the said department.

“He further threatened her that he was a cultist while in school and that up till today he still has a good number of them under his payroll. He, therefore, warned our client to comply with his demands and requests in her own interest.

“Our information further showed that he called our client to his house and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her.”

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