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Lucky Chinaza: VP Adopts Brave Girl Who Grabbed His Hand At Nyanya Market

The Young Girl who broke security lines to hold Osibanjo becomes his adopted daughter.

During the Trader money awareness scheme initaited by the President Buhari administration. A certain brave girl grabbed the hands of the VP of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osibanjo during his visit to Nyanya market.

Brave Chinasa grabbed the Vice Presidents hands and dragged him to her mothers shop in the market.

3 years after the encounter, The office of the Vice president confirms that Young chinaza has been legally adopted by the Vice president.


In 2018, @profosinbajo visited Nyanya market, Abuja to monitor the impact of the TraderMoni scheme, a mild shock greeted him.”

“Chinaza, whose mother owned a store at the market, and had promised herself to tell the VP what she thought of him from his appearances on her TV and other media, made her way through his security and grabbed his hand.

“Amidst the presence of a security detail, and an extremely large crowd, she tugged at the VP’s hand ceaselessly, insisting that he visited her mom’s store, and telling him about how much he inspired her to be courageous and reach for her dreams – an ideal that she unironically put to effect in reaching out to him.

Fast forward to two years and some months later, Chinaza sits with her mum in the presidential villa, with a man who has now come to know her as a “daughter”.”

“Almost three long years since their time of contact and a few correspondences later, Chinaza is on her way to The University with dreams of becoming a Medical Doctor, and the ideals that she has picked up from observing The Prof. Up close and afar are unchanged.”

“Courage, selflessness, and a thorough dedication to work still weigh heavy on her heart. Coming in contact with the people that inspire you sometimes makes the dream more worthwhile. Either-way, go for it.”

“PS – She also took another picture with The Prof to show the people who thought the initial picture — which she has kept as her WhatsApp Display Picture for two years — of her holding his hands in the market was photoshopped. Take that hater, huh?”

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