6 Billionaires Who Worked Salary Jobs, Before Starting Their Own Business.

  • Many people have this notion that people who work for Salaries are not ambitious enough. They believe that working normal Salary Jobs is a waste of time but rather ambitious people should start their own business or learn a skill. 
  • Well, today we want to highlight 6 billionaires who worked for a salary before branching out to start up their own business. The aim of this post is to let you know that you can work for a salary at first and then branch off to start your own business when you have saved up a lot. 

1 . Jeff Bezos : Burger Seller

The Amazon founder started off by working as a burger seller at Macdonald’s. He was i6 years old when he was working there and he said he learned a very important lesson from working there. Today he is worth $110bn! 

2 . Michael Bloomberg : Parking Lot Attendant

The Media Mogul who owns Bloomberg Media is worth $55 billion today but he started off by working as a parking lot attendant. You know those guys that you give your car keys to park it for you ( Not in Nigeria oh )?. Yes, those guys. That is what Michael Bloomberg was doing as his first job. Today he is worth $55 billion. 

3 . Warren Buffet : Newspaper Vendor

The Master investor and the most financially literate man on earth is worth $77.6bn today. He started off by working as a newspaper salesman or a vendor. 

4 . Oprah Winfrey : Sales Girl

Oprah Winfrey started off as a salesgirl at a supermarket close to her house. she worked there for some time before branching off to the media. Today she owns a media empire worth $2.3bn dollars

5. Ted Turner : AD executive Office Work

Ted Turner is worth $2.3bn today. He is the founder and owner of CNN. He started off working as an Advertisement executive in a local media. 

6 . Giorgio Armani : Photographer Assistant

The Italian Fashion billionaire behind the global brand Giorgio Armani started off by working as a photography assistant in a fashion shop. His salary was so little he can’t remember it. Today he is worth $6.6bn 


Don’t listen to Aspire to inspire guys. Do what works for you but always have a plan! 

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