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My Daughter Killed Herself With $45,000 Debts In Gambling

Mum narrates the painful story of a daughter who committed suicide over her gambling habits.

A heartbroken mother narrated to the British MP the painful loss of her daughter to gambling habits. Mrs. Kay Wadsworth said that her daughter Kimberley, 32, started betting in 2015 and got addicted to it.

The down point came when she blew a £36,000 her mother gave her to pay her debts. The cash came from selling the family home in Leeds. Mrs Kay said that her daughter was well groomed and highly intelligent who was craftly lured into the world of gambling.

The day she died she said ‘It’s too late for me Mum’. It was devastating. 

‘She was groomed and they got right under her skin. I want to stop this from happening to other families. It’s devastating, tragic and it shouldn’t be happening.

She just became so wrapped up in gambling, her whole demeanour and personality totally changed – I called her my Miss Jekyll and Miss Hyde.

‘She was heavily groomed – they wanted her at the casino tables to attract the men. She was a VIP, she was always invited – I didn’t know all this when she was alive. It’s just very tragic, and very sad, and I can’t bring her back.’

The late Kimberly was a brilliant and highly intelligent young woman who had been educated at boarding school and attended the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Kent.

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