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Life Returns To Normal In Wuhan China Amidst Global Pandemic

Wuhan City China , The Epicentre of the Global Pandemic has fully recovered from the Corona Virus Pandemic.

The very first case of the corona virus pandemic was recorded at a wet market in Wuhan China a year ago. Today , the city has returned back to normal while some countries still battle to Covid 19 pandemic.

The indepedent news who have reporters on ground report the atmosphere in the city where the dreaded Corona Virus emerged from.

People could be seeing jogging and taking a walk. a karate class was spotted practicing Tai Chi by the great Yangtze River. The city has been largely free of further outbreaks since the lockdown was lifted on April 8.

Wuhan has been praised for its sacrifice in the service of the nation, turning it into a sort of Stalingrad in China’s war against the virus,

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