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7 Wow Facts On Drake That Would Make You See Him Differently



1 . Black Drake 

In his hit song ” Nonstop ” off his Scorpion Album Drake mentioned that ” he Might be light-skinned but he is a dark Nigger “. Drake’s dad is an African American Catholic who got married to a Canadian Jewish Woman. Drake obviously got his light skin from his mum. When he was in an all-white high school filled with Jewish rich kids. Drake admitted to feeling lonely and isolated because he was more at home with the black culture. Imagine a Black drake! lol 

2. Drake Wanted To Be An Actor 

Drake started off as an actor in a Canadian soap Opera ” Degrassi ” 

He did this for 7 years. He actually dropped out of high school for his acting career, not music. Music was like his side thing, The side thing turned out to be his main thing 

3. Drake Almost Worked In A Fast Food When He Went Broke 

Remember Drake,s recent hit song with future where in the Music Video, He tried out a bunch of jobs. Well, Drake almost worked in fast food. He was relieved of his acting role at ” Degrassi ” so he went broke. He admitted he seriously considered picking a job in one of the major fast-food outlets. 

4 . A Phone Call Changed Drake’s Life

Imagine being a broke guy who just lost his acting role which was his only source of income. You are finding life very difficult, considering taking up a 9 to 5 job to survive. 

Then one day you got a call from Lil Wayne! 


That’s how it happened for Drake 

5. 4 Grammys, 180 awards from 639 nominations. 

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (10095018en) Drake – Best Rap Song 61st Annual Grammy Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA – 10 Feb 2019

Drake is the definition of Prolific. His music always leaves a dent in the industry. he doesn’t have any bad album yet and he already has 4 Grammys with a lot of time on his hands 

6 . Drake Came From Strong Musical Roots 

Drake is the real definition of Talent. It is very clear where he got his music genes from. His father Dennis Graham was a drummer for legendary Rock and Roll Star 

Jerry Lee Lewis. An uncle, Larry Graham, played bass for Sly and the Family Stone, and his mother Sandi Graham also has a little bit of musical background. He is got music in him from all sides. Real talent! 

7. Drake Worked His Ass Off To Get To The Top 

Drake might not be the average black rapper who came from the projects with a couple of stab wounds as proof. He might look a little bit privileged with his Jewish background. The Canadian-born rapper however wants everyone to know that he worked his ass off to get where he is today. 

This was the message behind his hit song “Started from the bottom” 

Listen to the lyrics of the songs and understand what drake went through before making it big.  

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Uchennaya: The Beauty Goddess And Her Painting Brush.



I would rather sit around sketching my fantasies than actually help do house chores. That was how indulged I was in my art as a child. Chinelo, my sister, and I would sketch houses and people as kids and that was our own little way of having fun.

It was a priceless memory of my childhood. In my junior secondary school, fine art was the only course I enjoyed going for and would of course, get an A. In 2015, I got an award for the best graduate female artist in my set in 2015.

It was a beautiful beginning for me and these series of unplanned events built me up to where I am now. Surprisingly, my enthusiasm for arts dropped when I gained admission into the university. For some time, I struggled a lot with low self esteem.

I found myself continuously doubting myself. I was a point in my life I would try to do what I love but because I wasn’t getting exactly what I wanted, I would give up.

I Persisted

In my second year in the university, Stanley, my artist friend encouraged me to give arts another try. On that day, he gave me a kettle and a cup to sketch. He was amazed at the result he saw and told me to keep trying.

Subsequently, I did more five sketches and quit again.  Not until last August, I didn’t touch my pencils or brushes. So, these series of events built me up to know that I was born for the arts. It’s quite therapeutic. It’s the only thing in this world that makes me feel fulfilled and happy.

When I mean fulfillment, I mean the different views and perspectives people get when they see my works. To be able to create a work that conveys the right message and emotions, you need to be very focused and enthused.

The year 2020 has been a historic year around the world. But in the midst of it, I started creating more art works during the lock down and the nationwide university strike in Nigeria.

Accomplishments And Reflections

Looking back in my journey from when I started as a freshman and now as a final year student in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, it’s been quite fun and a bit of hard work combining painting and the study of Soil Science and Technology 

The beautiful thing about the arts industry is that we are blessed with a lot of professionals that have set the pace for the young ones. In this industry, I look up to the likes of Kingsley Ayogu. His works fascinates me and sometimes gives me goose bumps just by looking at it. Apart from being iconic, his inspiration has helped me in my art journey.

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7 Photos Of Future, His Kids, And His 4 Ex-Wives.



Future never fails to hug the headlines in the industry news. He has a weird but cool personality, which makes him stand out from other competitors. He is also a prolific Womanizer with a track record of Baby mama’s to his name.

These photos below were carefully selected by our team.
Glance through the pictures carefully and you will understand what we mean when we say Future is weird in a cool way. There are also photos of him with his four Baby mama’s

Future And Ciara

Future and Brittni Mealy

Future and Indiana Jones

Future And Jessica Simpsons

Future And Kids

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Dwayne Johnson’s Net Worth 2020 ( Full Report )



Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is quite open and trasnparent. He is currently the highest-paid Hollywood actor at the moment, according to Forbes. Dwayne Johnson crossed over from Wrestling to Hollywood in 2001 where he starred in the Mummy Returns as the supervillain.

Since then he has starred in the following blockbusters, where he landed big roles. 

Scorpion King

The Mummy Returns 

Fast And Furious 




Dwayne Johnsons’s 2020 Earnings : Full Report

  • Dwayne Johnson earned $89.4 million between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019. He makes 15% of the pool from his mega-franchise movies, like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,. 
  • Dwayne Johnson is paid $700,000 for each episode he appears on in the HBO tv show ” Ballers ” 
  • Dwayne Johnson is set to earn a whopping upfront salary of $23.5 million, for the upcoming movie Jumanji: The Next Level.
  • As we draw an end to 2020, Dwayne Johnson is currently worth over $280 million! A 25-year career in acting and wrestling made this possible. 
  • Dwayne Johnson also has a Clothing Line ” Under Armour ” which we cant state his earnings from it. 

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Stupid Money : 3 Biggest Oil Billionaires In Igbo Land (2020)



Oil money is not for small children.

Oil Money makes Importation money look like childs play. Today we are going to list The 3 Biggest Oil Magnets in Igbo Land and their oil business worth.

These Figures are verified from reputable sources eg Nairametrics , BBC and Forbes

3 Biggest Oil Billionaires in Igbo Land

Dr Bryant ABC Orjiakor : Seplat ( 31.4bn )

  • Dr. Bryant (ABC) Orjiakor is the Chairman and Co-Founder Of Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc 
  • Dr. Orjiakor hails from Uli Anambra State and is surprisingly a medical Doctor. He studied medicine at the University Of Benin before venturing into business.
  • According to Nairametrics, Dr. Orjiakor Seplat Shares is worth over N31.4 bn. please note that this amount is for just his shares in Seplat only
  • Seplat Oil is not the only Oil company Dr. Abc Orjiakor.
  • Dr. ABC Orjiakor also owns the following Companies Abbeycourt Trading Company Limited, Abbeycourt Energy Services Limited, Zebra Energy Limited, and Shebah Exploration and Production Company Limited.
  • He is also into pharmaceuticals and Real estate buying the first apartment in the ridiculously expensive Eko Atlantic City

Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi : Nestoil ( 22 bn )

  • Dr. Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi is the founder of Nestoil An Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) Company in the Oil and Gas sector
  • He hails from Okija in Anambra state and was a student of popular schools in Onitsha like New Bethel and DMGS. He is an accountant Graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Benin.
  • According to an American consultant firm,1n 2016 Nestoil recorded a total sales of $57.7 m ( 22 billion Naira )
  • Dr. Ernest Azudialu is a very generous giver and gives away a large portion of his wealth to charity
  • Every December he hosts the Face of Okija event which inspires and brings together talented igbo youths from all over the country.

Arthur Eze : Oranto Atlas Petroleum : ( $5.7bn )

  • Arthur na Ukpo needs no introductions really. We will go straight to list his oil business worth at the moment
  • Atlas Oranto was founded in 1991 and it has business holdings in 22 African countries.
  • The countries include Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome, Nigeria Etc
  • According to the BBC Chief Artur Eze, Oil Business is worth a whopping $5.7bn ( 2.2 Trillion Naira )!
  • He is also heavily involved in Politics, His office headquarters is in Abuja

These are the three major Oil Moguls with Notable structure on ground as at 2020. The rest are mainly Oil Marketers with no sizable infrastructure on ground.

Infoeast post articles like this every day so make sure to always check our site after work.

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